10 Jul '05 - 12:42 by marieke


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08 Jul '05 - 18:56 by marieke
Don't worry! (be happy..only three days left!:-))


Tre giorni...

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I'm here now worried... Three days... It's such a short time when being calm... But now that I'm worried for what you told me, well, they seem so long...
I'll be home all day... Tt!

three days..

13:07 by marieke

one week...

04 Jul '05 - 16:30 by marieke

three weeks... I'm counting down..

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16 Apr '05 - 21:21 by marieke
I'm proud of you and ik hld fan dy!!!
See you tomorrow:-)

Dott. Scipione

05 Apr '05 - 15:30 by

Oggi si laureato il dott. Scipione! Non pi Stoscipio neppure per gli amici! AUGURI DOTTORE!



New skin...

02 Apr '05 - 17:43 by
The blog gets finally a lifting; I had a bit time today to set up the new Blog Layout.
This morning I finally printed the final version of my bachelor paper.
Good enough. Now I just hope to get rid of my headache in time for when at 19:00 Max will be here. Yep, we'll go jogging in Villa Ada.

Someone will smile reading this...

23 Mar '05 - 22:24 by

Reservation number XXXXXX
Date of booking:20050323

Departure date: 17/04/2005
Flight: TV 5713
Departure Airport/Time: ROME FIUMICINO/11:35
Arrival Airport/Time: AMSTERDAM/14:10

Departure date: 26/04/2005
Flight: TV 5720
Departure Airport/Time: AMSTERDAM/14:55
Arrival Airport/Time: ROME FIUMICINO/17:15

Passengers name: MR RUGGERO MxxxxxxO


22 Mar '05 - 02:05 by

sphynx stripe


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14 Mar '05 - 21:40 by

Tekenen nisshe!

Tt :-)

06 Mar '05 - 14:27 by
Ciao Nisshe... I didn't know you read this everyday... If I only knew it before I'd have probably used it a bit more... Well, I'll start doing it now, while you sleep... Ik hld fan dy! Tt! :-D